Youth and old age

“Not the youth, but the old man who has lived life well, is deemed to be happy.  The youth in his prime is made distraught and baffled by fortune: the old man has brought safely into harbour the goods he scarcely hoped for before, and has secured them with unfailing gratitude”.  (From “The Essential Epicurus”, by Eugene O’Connor, Great Books in Philosophy series).

My comment:  I agree almost entirely.  “Almost“ because modern technology is both baffling and challenging.  Case in point: no longer can I visit a doctor in person  but have to register on a hospital computer system.  Of course the hospitals in my area all compete, so all have different systems.  Then I have to make appointments, which is o.k except they all have their own software.  No sooner than I had downloaded Zoom than I have to sus out how to operate yet another video system.  This requires me to tell the doctor I will be there on the computer at the appointed time.  All this is conducted by cellphone.  I don’t have a cellphone, only an i- pad.

Enough!  Infection rates in Scottish care homes are currently 73%, so I’m lucky, I suppose.

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