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Websites about Epicureanism seem to proliferate, most of them saying the same things, with little new. The problem with Epicureanism in particular is that so many of the ancient writings were either lost or were deliberately destroyed by early Christians, but this does not deter people from regurgitating the fragments left ad nauseam. But to what end?

What is the point of philosophy if it cannot offer some guidance (or at least spark debate about) how you should look at and react to events and social issues, and life your life, especially since morality is no longer taught and anything seems to go?

So much of philosophy is wrapped up in gobble-de-gook, and is incomprehensible or irrelevant to ordinary folk. It has become a dead end (parts of de Rerum Natura, by Lucretius are incomprehensible as well, if it comes to that).

What this blog seeks to do is to take the humane teachings of Epicurus, and try to relate them to real, modern life. It seeks to take immediate issues and discuss what Epicurus, as far as we know his world view, might think about them; how should our moral and practical views of life be influenced by this great, enlightened humanist?

The regurgitators are absolutely free to regurgitate: they have a valuable telling role in educating people about what Epicurus said. However, some totally miss the point of philosophy. You and I, dear reader, can hopefully steer a few interested people towards a more practical and usable view of Epicureanism. Add: all philosophy!