Mis-use of taxpayer money

I was intrigued by an article in the Washington Post, which reported that most US Catholic parishes had applied for taxpayer money, namely the small business stimulation package handouts to help them through the virus epidemic.  13,000 Catholic parishes have received our money out of a total of about 17,000.   In the first round 6,000 actually received money; 3,000 did not. In addition, 1,400 Catholic elementary and secondary schools have received paycheck protection money.

I don’t object to help keeping schools open – the children come first, just as long as they are taught critical thinking.  Ahem!

But why should our tax dollars be used to keep Catholic churches open, along with their regional hierarchies?  The history of religion and the church corruption (not to mention sexual adventures) over centuries needs no elaboration on this blog, but since Catholic priests an bishops weekly anathematize non-believers like Epicureans and suggest they are headed to Hell, I believe in their right to get everything wrong, but not to use my money doing it.

Tell you what –  get some valuations on the incredibly valuable art in the Vatican museum, sell some artwork  – and do some good!

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