Filling the day with ……..what?

“We are born once and cannot be born twice, but we must be no more for all time. Not being master of tomorrow, you nonetheless delay your happiness.  Life is consumed in procrastination, and each of us dies without providing leisure for himself.”     (From “The Essential Epicurus”, by Eugene O’Connor, Great Books in Philosophy series)

My comment:   A wise word from the ancient past, as relevant today as it was all those centuries ago.

Back in March I  thought to myself  “Best make the most of a bad job, being locked down at home – I’ll get some drawing done and take up watercolours again. It will be creative, calming, absorbing and something constructive, instead of watching the (endlessly gloomy and repetitive) news.”

Yes, you might have guessed – I have done about four hours of drawing in that time, and haven’t so much as  picked up a watercolour brush!  Bang goes my credibility!  However, I am better at hoovering the carpets and doing the laundry, if that counts?

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