The shame Americans should feel: corona virus and the big donations

Why is the US corona virus situation such a disgraceful mess?

All politicians in America depend on big donors for their elections. That is a given. But some governors, (mainly in the South) are more than ever in the pockets of the super-rich in a country of obscene disparities of wealth. Having donated handsomely, the billionaires want urgent pay back. Massive tax breaks are not enough for these people.  In the case of the virus they wanted, and got, the re-opening of closed-down economies, nearly all of them far, far too early and sloppily, egged on by the President and fear that their re- election could be iffy if businesses remained closed.

So I hope the governors and other state and federal politicians are pleased with themselves.  In return for the reopening of the economic spigots they have full hospital beds and alarming numbers of infections and deaths.  Has it occurred to them that this is tantamount to man and woman-slaughter?  What do their deeply religious and holy supporters think.  Apparently, they don’t care either.

I get to read news from all over the world. Countries which are nowhere in the wealth scale dealt with covid19 better than this. We are suffering because of greed, and we should hang our heads in shame.  It has been an incompetent mess, but I can guarantee that none of the people responsible will ever be accountable.  If you are not sick of this you haven’t been paying attention!

This is not about politics; it is about Epicureanism and humanism, and basic care for the health and welfare of one’s fellow citizens.  Why is this so hard to understand?

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