A little matter of gross hypocrisy

Bet you didn’t know!  The Anti Defamation League (ADL), a self-proclaimed Jewish civil rights group, is the largest non-governmental trainer of police in this country, facilitating an exchange of the worst practices between U.S. police, ICE and FBI, and the Israeli police and military.  This is kept rather quiet, for obvious reasons.

The US government gives billions to fund Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land.  Arms companies “field test” their weapons and technology on occupied Palestinians.  Meanwhile, organisation that claim to speak for Jewish community defend the state of Israel while currently paying hypocritical lip service to Black lives.

It has to be said that U.S. police exchanges with Israeli forces are not responsible for the centuries of deadly violence American police have dealt to Black people on our own streets in the US. The militarized tactics and technologies acquired through police exchange programs go directly to executing the unchanged mission of the American police, established long before the founding of the state of Israel.

But  the ADL “solidarity” with Black lives in the U.S. means nothing if they maintain their partnerships with the U.S. police and help export the tactics used by the Israeli military to oppress Palestinians.

My comment: This is part and parcel of the overall militarization of US police forces, a militarisation that one would think should be unconstitutional.  There is no rationale for overwhelming force on the streets of America, except in the messed up minds of White supremacists and ethics-free politicians who will stop at nothing to scare up the votes. But, in addition, to export weapons and technology to overawe, bully  and kill defenseless Arabs,  is a scandal.  It is also anti- Epicurean.

Now is the moment for the ADL to stop organizing police exchanges!  

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