The meaning of life in lockdown: an exchange of views

To The Times ( London)

The most lamentable thing about the epidemic is the almost uncontested surrender to the idea that the only meaning of human life lies with preserving human life. In the name of “keeping people safe”, the moribund die alone and the dead are buried without proper ceremony.

Meanwhile, mothers give birth without husbands, children cannot learn and the futures of young people are suspended. In addition, new friendships are thwarted, potential lovers denied and the rituals of religious faith and remembrance are set aside. This seemingly produces not a hiccup of queasiness. Instead we are happy to accede to the state-sponsored notion that we are all profoundly heroic simply by virtue of taking measures to keep ourselves alive.

Jolyon Fenwick, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

To The Times  ( Reply to above)

Mr Fenwick’s argument is powerful and stirring but he unfairly castigates those of us whom he regards as meekly acceding to the lockdown measures. We are not doing so “to keep ourselves alive”, we are doing so to keep others alive.

Dr David Bogod, Nottingham.     ( Reported in The Week, 6 June 2020)

My comment: Here we go again.  I am astonished that some people are so self- centered that they cannot be bothered to wear masks to protect other people, and so uncaring that they flock out in thousands to seaside beaches, ignoring social distancing.  I support Dr. Bogod – the point is that you could be covid positive and not  know it.  It is humane and decent not to take that risk and infect others.  This is Epicurus 101.

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