Dismantling the nation’s publicly funded schools.

It is common knowledge that the Education Department is run by a multi-millionaire devotee of scrapping everything to do with government if she has the power to do it.  This includes privatizing the public school system, and de facto making education even more of a distant prospect than ever for minorities.  By the way, she is apparently a devoted christian!  (which is relevant because of the curious definition of Christianity and  words of Jesus used by some – not all – christians.  I went to chapel while at school, every day of my life, so I am familiar with what Jesus actually preached).

In Tennessee parents and community member in Memphis and Nashville protested furiously when a voucher law was passed by a single vote, diverting taxpayers money to private schools.  It is no small deal:  in 2020-2021 it would divert $7,500 per student, or over $375 million over the first five years, to private schools and away from schools in Nashville and Memphis. The private schools are what they say they are – private. They are not held to the same educational standards as Tennessee public schools, as required by the state constitution, and most importantly in view of current events, are not bound by the same anti-discrimination statutes.

The creeping coup keeps creeping onward!

(The Humanist, May/June 2020)

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