Taking brain pills a waste of time

“Memory supplements” have become big business: in the US, a quarter of people over 50 are thought to take them, often believing that they help ward off dementia. But according to a new report, these people are wasting their money. Researchers from the Global Council on Brain Health looked at evidence across a range of supplements, including those containing B vitamins, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, caffeine, coenzyme Q10 and ginkgo biloba. Few, they found, had been tested for their impact on brain health, and where tests had taken place, there was little clear evidence that they improve brain function or prevent dementia. The researchers said that if people are concerned about maintaining their brain health, there are far better ways, including eating healthily, taking exercise and getting enough sleep.  (The Week 13 July 2019)

Yes, eating healthily, taking exercise and getting enough sleep. These are all activities that would have been approved of by Epicurus and his disciples.  They would probably add to the diet part “strictly in moderation”.   (P.S: Epicurus famously lived on bread and water.  I think we can expand a bit on that, but moderately)

The Epicurean good life; a quotation:

”The good life for the Epicurean involves disciplining of the appetites, curtailment of desires and needs  to the absolute minimum necessary for healthy living, detachment from most of the goals and values that are most highly regarded, and withdrawal from active participation in the life of the community, in the company of a few select friends – in a word, plain living and high thinking”.  ( page 62, “Epicurus: The Art of Happiness” George K.Strodach, pub. by Penguin)

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