Wealth never brings you peace of mind

“It is better for you to be free of fear and lying on a bed of straw than to own a couch of gold and a lavish table, and yet have no peace of mind”.   (Quote from “The Essential Epicurus”, by Eugene O’Connor, Great Books in Philosophy series)

The wide gulf between what companies pay their CEOs and what they pay their median worker has skyrocketed in recent years. The average CEO took home about 20 times what average workers did in 1970, compared to a ratio of 287 last year. And many corporations have gaps much larger than that.

Taking on inequality means tackling those gaps. 

The teachings of Epicurus are full of references to his disdain for those whose greed for money consumes them.  It is taken as a given that huge wealth leaves a man with no peace of mind .  A recent bill introduced in the US Congress addressing inequality will, of course, never be agreed by both political parties, but Epicurus assures us that large stores of cash seldom bring happiness.


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