Supreme Court starts new term with abortion, guns on the docket

The US Supreme Court has been hearing the first in-person arguments since the March 2020 coronavirus lockdown. The high court, with a newly expanded 6-3 conservative majority, has a politically charged docket. The court will consider:

– trimming or eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion, established in the landmark Roe v. Wade case.

-cases that could lead to expanded gun rights and a narrowing of the separation between church and state.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who once firmly guided the court as its ideological center, now has five more conservative justices to his right, with the replacement of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Polls show Americans increasingly see the court as partisan rather than impartial. [The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times].

My comment: This is getting very worrying indeed. Daily there are stories about what one can only call the wannabe dictator, who will stop at nothing. Where are the the lovers of democracy, and will they defend the Constitution? It is not clear – at all. Did you ever think you would see such a thing in the USA?

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