Rhino study wins Ig Nobel award

Studies that discovered it is safer to transport a rhinoceros upside-down and that beards may be an evolutionary development to help protect men’s faces from punches, have won Ig Nobel prizes. Another study to receive an award studied the ways cats communicate with humans. The prizes, awarded by science magazine Annals of Improbable Research, were announced at the 31st annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. (Washington Post 22 September 2021)

My comment: Have they nothing better to do? Having said that, the rhinoceros story is really interesting. How often do you think a rhino needs to be transported, and how do you get it upside down? And a technical matter: does upside down mean lying on its back (which it might quite like), or head down and hind legs up in the air?

Remind me to make enquiries before visiting a zoo. A very angry rhinoceros is a thing to behold.

What has this to do with Epicurus? Well, he had a sense of humor and might have asked the same questions. Well…..o.k. Not really.

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