Pandering to the religious right

Apparently the Bush Administration is trying to redefine contraception as abortion.

Are there no lengths to which these people will not go?   The world is over-populated, there is not enough food,  oil and raw materials to go round the 8 billion people,  and there are still such ostriches with their superstitious heads in the sand.

Epicureans should indeed head for the Garden -  but it’s difficult to ignore the world-wreckers.


  1. Yes, there are days when the news makes you head for the Garden, for sure, but also think about digging a little underground shelter for your loved ones and some good books. Not much left to wreck, it seems.

    But on a cheerier note. . . . well, give me time and I’ll think of a cheerier note.

  2. I can’t think of a cheerier note either.

    While our elders bicker about contraception, homosexuality, the price of oil , the housing crisis, and women bishops, people are starving, are being abused by tyrants , stabbing eachother with kitchen knives, (UK) or shooting eachother with guns (USA) and are reduced to picking over rubbish dumps

    Should we be going to the haven of a garden? Shouldn’t we be DOING something???

  3. The power is in the hands of rich elites and the chief executives of multinational companies. I agree – – we should do something. This blog lets off a bit of steam, but that’s all. Like Epicurus, who was powerless like us, we pay lip-service to the Garden while secretly (or not so secretly!) fretting about the dismal future of the world.

    The future is in the hands of the younger generation, and they are listening to their i-pods, goggling at “personalities’ or traipsing to the shopping mall. All this is is as designed by the rich elites to take minds of the citizens off the bad leadership, incompetence and greed of their masters. But lwet’s try to be positive; see the next post.

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