Doing something!

Jane asks “shouldn’t we be doing something?”. O.k , here are some ideas. It’s early in the morning so my brainpower is limited:

1. Make time to protest more to elected representatives. Start with the right-wing media monopolies. Why should Murdoch have the final say as to who runs Britain? Why should there be 5 right-wing juggernauts in the U.S, serving up the only “news” most Americans get?

2. Don’t accept rudeness and bad service. Complain.

3. Do some work for political candidates who are not (quite so) beholden to big business and the super-rich.

4. Write a scathing political article about something that really riles you and send it to me to put on the

Mild Subversion section of my website:

5. Become more environmentally aware: recycle seriously, use the car more sparingly, cut down on plane travel (we pay through Virgin for our carbon footprint).

6. Protest to the media: they sometimes defy their paymasters and publish well-thought-out letters.

7. Support Kiva ( )

8. Yes, go into the garden and grow vegetables

9. Support family planning and women’s education in developing countries

Other ideas?

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