Entering the country

“The Trump administration is reportedly considering  blocking US citizens and permanent residents from re-entering the US if an official “reasonably” believes they could have Covid-19.

Once upon a time, an American passport let you cross borders with ease – now it makes you persona non grata around the world. Not only are most Americans banned from Europe, but they may also no longer even be guaranteed entrance to their own home”. (Arwa Mahdaw, The Guardian).

My comment: “Reasonably believes”?  How can you ban bona fide citizens from re- entering the country on a personal hunch?  By all means test them at the airport and make sure they self-isolate until the test results are available, but this looks like another excuse for for banning people to whom you take an instant dislike, such as Black or Brown people, Muslims or people with dimples for all I know.

Please excuse the morbid personal note, but were my wife and I to go to London we would be required to be quarantined for two weeks the other end.  I could deal with that, except for the nine hours in a plane with strangers and the dodgy taxi ride the other end.  But even if we took the risk, could we get home again?

We have decided that Epicurean peace of mind requires us to stay where we are.  For how long?  A year more? The grand children will have forgotten what we look like, but we are no good to them in a mortuary.

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