Live like we used to before Covid 19?

 British government ministers speak frequently about ”it” and how they are striving to bring “it” back.  But survey by Britain Thinks found that only 12% of people want to live their lives “exactly as ‘it’ was before” the advent of Covid 19.

Only  6% of Britons want the same type of economy as they had before the pandemic, and only 9% want to return to “normal”, which means surviving an existential crisis of the environment, to mention just one threat.  Recently TV carried pictures of columns of smoke rising in the Arctic.    (Guardian Weekly, 31 July 2020, George Monbiot).

My comment:  How do they, the British government,  propose to restore the old order having left the EU, quite probably without a fair agreement and with the reputation of Britain and its government in tatters?  How do they expect the population to be content while selling the best bits of the National Health Service to huge US corporations? What is the future of an offshore island that cannot compete with the growing power of China by itself?  How are they going to thrive when their closest ally (the USA) is no longer reliable?  I could go on, but won’t.  These people are snake-oil merchants, selling to the gullible, and living in the 19th Century.  Poor grandchildren, literally poor.

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