Can tea help stop Alzheimer’s?

Drinking at least one and a half cups of tea a day could reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Flavonols are a group of compounds found in plant-promote cardiovascular health. Now a study suggests that they also help “stave off” dementia.

Researchers at Rush University in Chicago tracked 921 people with an average age of 81, dividing them into five groups, or “quintiles”, based on their consumption of flavonols. Those in the highest quintile, who consumed more than 15.3mg a day (equivalent to one and a half cups of tea), had a 48% lower rate of Alzheimer’s disease compared with the lowest, who consumed under 5.3mg. Of four types of flavonol considered by the researchers, one called kaempferol appeared to be most beneficial: it is found in tea, kale, beans, spinach and broccoli.  (The Week, 15 February 2020).

My comment:  I drink a whole pot of tea in the morning. When my wife wakes up I have to ask her what day of the week it is and what we are supposed to be doing today, plus the names of the people  who came to dinner the night before.  You can therefore either deduce that I would have full scale alzheimer’s if I stopped drinking tea, or, on the other hand the survey is seriously flawed.  Hang on a moment what was I about to say……….?  Forgotten.

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