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History repeating itself

In the 19th Century the United States expanded its borders to the PacificOcean, and in the process killed tens of thousands of native Americans, herding the remainder into the most dismal, waterless and unproductive land.  Then they signed treaties that, to this very day, are being ignored and broken, something to do with oil and gas or greedy ranchers.

Now Mexicans and others are peacefully moving into the United States and effectively taking back the land seized in the war against Mexico. In some areas  they are forcing Americans to learn Spanish in order to get their grass cut and their crops harvested.  With language comes culture.  Unpopular though it is to  point it out, history is repeating itself.   By the end of the Century ( if there are human beings still alive) Spanish will probably be the no. 1 language in the parts of the United States.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I know this will be unpopular, but your predecessors set this system up; don’t blame the immigrants – blame the empire builders of the 19th Century.  What goes around comes around.

The Epicurean answer is not to worry about immigration, but to seek peace of mind going for walks in the Spring weather, enjoying the blossoming trees while the blossoms last.

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