We subsidize all this!

The U.N Food and Agriculture Organization say that livestock on farms account for 18% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, including 9% of all CO2, 37% of the methane and 65% of the nitrous oxide. The warming potential of methane and nitrous oxide is , respectively, 23 and 296 times that of CO2. The problem is that the rearing of livestock is the fastest growing sector of agriculture worldwide, and is expected to double in 50 years because the Chinese and others are eating more meat.

While you are driving through the countryside, ponder this: A single cow causes as much damage to the environment each year as does a family car driven 12,000 miles.

Epicurus would tell us to feed cows, sheep and pigs something that does not cause (shall we say) bloating. How about taking shares in Glaxo pharmaceuticals and passing a law making all cows use Gaviscan or some such heartburn and indigestion drug, thus reducing emissions and pleasing big business at the same time?

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