We should be ashamed

Yesterday I heard that my oldest son’s mother and my former wife, both of them living in England and, of similar age to myself, are getting vaccinated for covid-19 this week.   Yes, you read that correctly!  The much denigrated and trashed ( in America) National Health Service, accused of “socialized medicine” is already vaccinating elderly people.  Both are in homes for the elderly, but then vaccination in the UK  only started ten days ago.  A university contemporary, exactly my own age, has already been vaccinated.   What has happened here in America? I needn’t elaborate.

The National Health Service, albeit it is being messed around by the current incompetent conservative government, is regarded in England with admiration bordering on veneration.  It is well run, knows how to plan and manage, and exists to care for people, not to make money.  There!  You have it in one!

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