Vaccine uptakes in Europe

Back last September France suspended 3,000 health workers without pay for refusing the Covid vaccine. Some staff at hospitals, retirement and care homes had refused Covid jabs despite warning by Macron. The health minister said “several dozen” had resigned rather than have the vaccine.

The French health authority, Santé Publique, estimated that fewer than 12% of hospital staff and about 6% of doctors in private practice had not been vaccinated last fall. Just under 47 million French people aged 12 and over were fully vaccinated, representing 81.4% of the population; 86.1% have received at least one jab. France has been one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. Compare that with the US where the percentage has yet to reach the 70% mark. (The Guardian, 16 September 2021)

My comment: To refuse vaccination is to be plain selfish and inconsiderate.
I realize that many such people are influenced by bogus claims on the internet (and maybe actually believe the propaganda). But those of us who respect science and scientists cannot imagine why refuseniks cannot think for themselves, and having attended church on Sunday, concluded that protecting others is an Epicurean – and a Christian – duty.

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