Universities won’t grade spelling

University tutors are being told not to mark down work for spelling mistakes because insisting on correct English could be seen as “homogenous north European, white, male, elite”. The Times says several institutions are adopting “inclusive assessments” and Hull University says it will “challenge the status quo” by dropping the requirement for a high level of written and spoken English.

My comment: If you are ignorant of your own language then you are just plain ignorant. I have never heard of such a stupid, if not actually harmful, idea.
What are they thinking? And why are they picking on men, or being white? Are young women still being asked to spell correctly and conjugate properly?

Coming to live in America I had to adjust my spelling and vocabulary to the the American way. Why shouldn’t immigrants to Britain not learn English English, spelling and grammar. For one thing, it avoids misunderstandings. (Is it helpful to converse incomprehensibly?) Is this not potentially classist and racist? It certainly is a new shot fired the so-called “woke” ears.

Suggestion: grow up!

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