Boss pays ex-worker in pennies

A man has accused his former employer of being “childish” after he received his final payment of $915 in pennies. Andreas Flaten discovered the 90,000 coins at the bottom of his driveway, along with a final payslip and a parting message from the car workshop where he worked. The coins were covered in a greasy substance and Flaten is gradually cleaning them so he can bank them.  (The Week 26/3/21)

My comment: For pathetic pettiness this takes some beating. How would you react? Relief to have left the company? Well, yes, but the fact that this childish act has reached down to this obscure blog (and is probably all over Facebook et al) these are payback enough. Mr Flaten is too much of a gentleman to quote name of the company and its boss. I personally might be tempted.

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