Undertakers now suffering


Norway’s response to the pandemic has been so effective, the country’s overall death rate has actually fallen – and six firms of undertakers have had to apply for state aid as a result. Erik Lande, a funeral director from the town of Lyngdal, said he’d normally expect to organise 30 funerals a month in the spring, but after lockdown was imposed in March, that fell to ten. Not one of those deaths was from Covid-19. “It not only broke the back of the coronavirus, but other viruses too,” he said. “So much so that some of the old and sick people who would have died in normal circumstances are still around.” Norway has recorded just 255 Covid deaths. Overall deaths were down 6% in May, and 13% in June.  ( The Week, 20 July 2020)

My comment:  Sorry for the  Norwegian undertakers ( hint: move to the US.  Whoops!  Sorry, take that back. The US government won’t let you in.  Can’t have foreigners come and take our jobs!).  But nonetheless, we could benefit from the clever Norwegians who have done such a stellar job looking after public health.  Regrettably, too many Americans do not value or respect well organized government.  It’s all about “liberty” to do whatever you want, regardless of its effect on others, including their deaths-by-virus. Unfair remark?  Wish it were!

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