Tired of petitions

I received an email asking me to sign a petition to demand that Senator McConnell allow a vote on reopening the government. This is part of what the writer wrote:

“Stop blocking the will of the people! The U.S. House has passed a bill to reopen the government, so the Senate should be allowed to vote on it. McConnell’s excuses and tactics run against our democracy!”

“The Senate voted nearly unanimously for a bill to keep the government open last month, but now Mitch McConnell is blocking his own colleagues from doing their jobs with a vote to reopen the government, even though he knows it will pass. This is now the longest shutdown ever!”

“I am tired of Senator McConnell failing to allow the Senate to vote on major issues throughout his tenure, a trait that is expected in countries that do not enjoy democratic freedoms. Congress should not cower in fear of Trump’s anger and hate. 800,000 workers’ pay depends on them; they must act now.”

My wife and I are constantly asked to sign petitions. One could do so all day, every day, and it would be a waste of time. What McConnell listens to is the erratic President and the army of Republican lobbyists. The best interests of the country are equated with the best interests of the election donors. o Were you to tell me that my reluctance to sign is just what McConnell and his rich contributors want, then I would have to agree with you. Yes, people like me are not helping to restore ddmocracy. But last time I looked there were twenty-four hours in the day – only.

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