Divorce by text message

Women in Saudi Arabia who are divorced by their husbands will now be sent a text message by the court to inform them of their new status; they will also be able to log into the justice ministry’s website to access legal documents relating to the divorce. The new system is seen as an advance for women’s rights in the kingdom: until now, Saudi men have been able to end their marriages without telling their wives, which made it easier for them to get away with not paying them alimony. (The Week, 14 Jan 2019)

Well, thank you, I’m sure! A great move forward. She’s cooked for the creep, had his children, kept house and put up with being treated like a house-chattel, and he hasn’t the human decency to discuss his unhappiness and the divorce and its details face to face. Instead he gets the Court to send a message in the same way he expects his stockbroker to inform him of the sale of company shares. This may seem a non sequitur, but roll on the exclusive use of electric vehicles worldwide, and ditch Saudi oil once and for all. Don’t sell the camels, Abdul!

Epicurus treated mem, women, slaves and foreigners equally and with courtesy. So should we.

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