The Narrowing of the American mind

It is of course appalling that a columnist for The New York Times should feel obliged to resign on account of the in-house bullying she’s had to endure. Bari Weiss was hired by the paper three years ago, as it sought to recruit voices that could challenge its dominant liberal ethos. And though no hard-line conservative – she’d left The Wall Street Journal in protest at its gradual surrender to Donald Trump – Weiss was happy to take on left shibboleths, questioning the excesses of #MeToo, debunking the notion of cultural appropriation, and so on.

But for many of her fellow journalists this sin against left orthodoxy was unacceptable. “They’ve called me a Nazi and a racist,” she wrote in her resignation letter. “My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels.”

Yet before the Right gets on its high horse over “the dangerous cancel culture that Democrats want to impose” on the nation, it should examine its own role in all this. For “if the Left is woke, the Right is bespoke: it has become tailored around one person”. And that person is Trump. The right-wing press gives little house room to any journalist who is critical of him. What we are seeing on both sides “is the narrowing of the American mind”.   It’s making everyone nastier.  (Mona Charen,  Chicago Sun-Times and The Week25 July 2020)

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