Do a Roosevelt on the US economy?

Jim Tankersley wrote an article for Patriotic Millionaires which encourages us to rethink the traditional narrative of the post World War II economic boom in the US – the idea that innovation and American exceptionalism drove our expansion – is incorrect. 

Instead, he argues that massive investments into our own citizens was the biggest factor behind the boom. Now that we’re in a similar wartime-level economic depression, Tankersley argues that we should replicate those massive investments into the most vulnerable economic groups right now to pioneer a new era of growth out of one of our darkest moments.   ( Patriotic Millionaires, 8/6/2020)

My comment: the New Deal was a measure of daring and brilliance.  It took millions out of unemployment and poverty, gave them skills and education and laid the groundwork for the amazing successes of the post-war period.  In fact, in a more enlightened moment in history, it had widespread support, despite the effects on the national debt.  This is a moment similar to the great depression.  But who, if anyone, has the vision?

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