The heating oceans

Extreme heat in the world’s oceans passed the “point of no return” in 2014 and has become the new normal, according to research.

Scientists analysed sea surface temperatures over the last 150 years, which have risen because of global heating. They found that extreme temperatures occurring just 2% of the time a century ago have occurred at least 50% of the time across the global ocean since 2014.

In some hotspots, extreme temperatures occur 90% of the time, severely affecting wildlife. More than 90% of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases is absorbed by the ocean, which plays a critical role in maintaining a stable climate. (The Guardian 2 Feb 2022)

My comment: I suppose all this is still a hoax for the doozies among us and those with a vested interest in continuing to burn fossil fuels. I just hope someone out there is listing the names and whereabouts of the naysayers for posterity. The plinths of the slave-owners egocentric are being dismantled,
which is a pity. They could have ben used for the “climate change is a hoax” crowd.
What has this to do with Epicureanism? Peace of mind. I personally will be long gone when the worst starts to happen, but I am dry concerned about younger generations and feel deeply for them.

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