Russian dirty money

“It has been two and a half years since the publication of parliament’s “Russia report”, which laid bare the extent of links between the Kremlin and Russian-backed financial interests – and the resulting flows of illicit cash through the City of London. The UK’s allies are beginning to take note of the intractability of the problem. A report from the Center for American Progress – a thinktank close to the Biden administration – stated last week that “uprooting Kremlin-linked oligarchs will be a challenge given the close ties between Russian money and the United Kingdom’s ruling Conservative party, the press, and its real estate and financial industry”. (The Guardian, 2 Feb 2022)

My comment: I am familiar with that part of London beloved by Russian oligarchs, who launder their money through the City and own a significant proportion of the fancy housing in Central London. It’s a scandal that this is allowed to continue, but then the ruling Conservative party is thought to be the beneficiary of corrupt cash floating around, in the process making Central London too expensive for many ordinary Brits. Bear this in mind when the subject of Putin and Ukraine comes up. One partner in NATO cannot be relied upon. Think “UK”. (Yes, this is politics, but clean politicians and a foreign policy untainted by corruption would help somewhat with one’s peace of mind, yes?)

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