The decimation of fertility. No. 3 (last comments)

Just the other week, hundreds of residents who live near Luke air force base in Arizona were advised not to drink their water, when tests detected high levels of toxic chemicals. Scientists have found these substances in the blood of nearly all the people they tested in the US. No country or region on earth is untouched by PFAS contamination. It is a global problem. PFAS has been found in every corner of the globe. It is virtually present in the bodies of every human. It’s found in fish deep in the sea, and birds flying high in the sky.

And it’s killing us, literally, by harming and attacking the very source of life: our reproductive capacities. The rapid death and decline of sperm must be addressed, and it must be addressed now. There is simply no time to lose.

(Erin Brockovich, the environmental advocate, and Suzanne Boothby, slightly edited for length).

My comment: I apologize for three days of talking about the above subject, but it is barely mentioned in the national news, and is rather important. (under-statement of the year!)

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