Should CERN build an even more expensive collider?

There is a problem with the current physics .  We have quantum theory for very small particles, relativity for the big stuff, and the Standard Model, which includes all the weird particles discovered by physicists all over the world.  All seem true individually, but relativity and quantum theory contradict one another and the Standard Model doesn’t seem to work- if you plugged it into the universe  the universe would apparently vanish.  Physicists can only study approximately 4% of a vast universe, the rest being dark energy and dark matter, and we don’t know yet what exactly these two phenomena are.  All in all we are still in a state of stupendous ignorance.

The current plan is to build the Future Circular Collider, 60 miles liong under Lake Geneva and costing 20 billion pounds.  When we are faced with huge problems of climate, population movements, water shortages etc should we be concerning ourselves about physics?

My answer is an unequivocal “yes”. The reason is that politicians and the voting public are simply not going to solve or ameliorate the problems of Planet Earth. There is too much money at stake and too little will-power.  If anything is to improve it will improve through advances in science that  help everyone, from the young to the old, from the poor peasant to the fat cats, the rich, and the selfish.  Just as long as the science isn’t politicized, because the nationalists and self-styled “strong men” politicize everything for their benefit, if they can.

Ignore the ignorant and self-obsessed and let us gather as much knowledge of the universe as we can, trusting that the scientists can repeat their successes, such as creation of the internet.

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