Being optimistic has been linked to a longer life, with those who see the glass as half full having a better chance of reaching 85 or older. Optimists also have a longer life in general, according to Boston University medical researchers who analysed data from two previous long-term research projects. They found the most optimistic women had a lifespan almost 15% longer than the least, while for men the difference was 11%. Previous research has suggested people who are more optimistic might lead a healthier lifestyle – once that was taken into account, the most optimistic men and women still had a 9-10% longer lifespan.  (The Guardian, 27 Aug 2019)

Common sense, really.  The problem is to remain optimistic when all around you are in despair.  Maybe the trick is not to follow the (increasingly depressing) news, or to look at a week’s news in one big session once a week and read a book for the rest of the time.  Whatever helps you achieve ataraxia.

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