Scary? The African conundrum

“By the year 2030,Africa will represent about one quarter of the world’s workforce. By 2050 the African population is expected to double to more than 2.5 billion people, with 70% of them under the age of 30”. ( Rex Tillerson, American Secretary of State, quoted in the Washington Post, March 8, 2018).

The above statistics should be viewed in the light of the increased desertification of Africa as a burgeoning population tries to farm marginal land, the huge increase in the number of Moslems (nothing against them, but family planning is not generally a Moslem priority), and the refusal of the Trump people and the Catholic Church, who refuse to see the writing on the wall. What will happen to those young Africans? How will they earn a living, or will,they follow the increasing number of migrants reaching Europe?

A (humane) Epicurean would prioritise helping African women. We, and the Africans, really have to abandon the outdated religious ideas about family planning that are damaging to the lives of women and helping to wreck our planet.

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