Salt weakens the immune system

A high-salt diet doesn’t just raise blood pressure: new research suggests that it also weakens the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections. For a German study, ten healthy volunteers aged between 20 and 50 were given an extra six grams of salt a day, on top of their normal diet. After a week, their immune cells were found to be less effective at engulfing and killing bacteria than they had been.

Co-author Prof Christian Kurts, from the University of Bonn, said the results were concerning because it’s not that difficult to consume an extra 6g of salt a day. “This is roughly the amount contained in two fast food meals, i.e. two burgers and two portions of French fries,” he said.   (The Week, 4 April 2020)

My reaction: only an extra six grams?  And it does that to you?   New resolution: henceforward:  no salt callar on the dining room table!  Especially at the present moment when immune systems need to be in A1 shape.  It’s all part of the achievement of ataraxia.  

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