Restoring voter rights

H.R.1, the For The People Act, is a vital step in finally achieving voter and election equality. It would strengthen our democracy by making voting easier for folks in states that employ rampant voter suppression tactics, like unnecessary scrutiny of voters, strict voter ID laws, limited polling sites, language discrimination, and so much more.

H.R. 1 would eliminate gerrymandering, mend the corrupt campaign/election finance system, and ultimately make voting equal across the board, as it always should have been. The bill would also tackle the $14 billion of “dark money” or money used to influence the 2020 elections by forcing financial disclosures, putting a stranglehold on government and corporate corruption. Basically, this bill is essential if we care about the survival of our democracy. (Jack Holmes, The Patriotic Millionaires  28 Jan 2021).

My comment:  Why are some people so hostile to making one-person-one-vote universal?  It is ironic that many truly believe that the last election was rigged, when for years it has been their own  party policy to suppress the vote themselves, gerrymandering election boundaries, limiting voting sites, excluding citizens whose English is not good, scrutinizing the bona fides of voters, removing African Americans from voter rolls and trying to stop or reduce mail- in voting.  Elections have indeed been “stolen” over years, and the politicians must be prevented from doing these things in the future.  Guess what?  Excluding citizens from voting because of their race or presumed political leanings is the antithesis of democracy, a word thrown around with abandon, but the reality  is becoming daily more fragile.

By the way I like, even if I am unable to join, Patriotic Millionaires.  They support democracy when, for all I know , the electoral outcomes can be inimitable to their personal interests for financial and other reasons.  That is a patriotic stance!

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