Are we taking the threat of China and its chief megalomaniac seriously enough?

Up to 200 academics from more than a dozen UK universities are being investigated on suspicion of unintentionally helping the Chinese government build weapons of mass destruction.

  • China overtakes Russia as world’s biggest state hacker.
  • Russia warns US against including China at nuclear disarmament talks.
  • China uses microwave weapons to blast Indian troops in disputed border area.

The scholars are “suspected of transferring world-leading research in advanced military technology such as aircraft, missile designs and cyberweapons”, The Times reports.

In doing so, they would have violated “strict export laws intended to prevent intellectual property in highly sensitive subjects being handed to hostile states”, the paper continues. Many of the academics are thought to have “unwittingly” breached the laws by striking commercial deals with Chinese companies.

If found guilty, they could each face a maximum of ten years in prison. A source told The Times that “we could be seeing dozens of academics in courts before long”.

“If even 10% lead to successful prosecutions, we’d be looking at around 20 academics going to jail for helping the Chinese build super-weapons,” the source said.

News of the investigation comes just over a week after The Times reported that thousands of Chinese academics and researchers may be blocked from entering Britain amid concerns about the theft of intellectual property.

The Foreign Office is said to be introducing security vetting for academics and researchers working on national security issues, in response to fears that Chinese spies may acquire technology and data that could benefit Beijing.

The Telegraph revealed last week that three Chinese spies posing as journalists have been expelled from Britain in the past year. The trio, who arrived in the country on journalism visas, were “understood to be intelligence officers for Beijing’s Ministry of State Security”, according to the paper.

My comment:  there is enough blame to go round for the rapidly advancing Chinese hegemony.  You can blame 19th century colonialism and the British and Japanese interference in China, the short- sighted idea that by moving massive amounts of manufacturing to China you are benefitting the American consumer ( yes, for a short time) and so on.  Suffice to say that we in the West have helped to create the current threat from China and President Xi, and the unquenchable and ruthless thirst he has for power.  If you offer a tiger your hand in friendship check the integrity of your arm carefully after the event!

I know someone in the UK who opened a Chinese factory near one making similar products for hi-tech end products.  Every idea he had  was stolen, raw materials disappeared and the neighbor discovered that  the neighbor was siphoning off even the electricity via hidden cables.  And still we trust these people!

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