Phone conversations

It seems that 75% of people with mobile phones value an actual phone conversation, but that 92% mainly use their phones for internet access. Long rambling phone calls are on the out, declining yearly. Extroverts prefer face-to-face conversations, which they find energising. Introverts, of which I am one, use the phone mainly for utilitarian purposes and generally don’t chat. It is the teenager who does, screening out the nagging Mum and grumpy Dad and the annoying brothers and sisters, and gossiping about the kids they have been with all day at school.

Now we are told that even teenagers are using text and the internet more, and long,rambling voice calls less.

My comment: We still have a landline, which probably identifies our approximate age. I don’t have a mobile at all (my wife does), mainly because I have better things to do than check the phone every 8 minutes.

Nowadays, if you are sent to a National Health hospital you can arrange to have all your health details available. Problem: the information is only sent to cellphones. Why? For alleged security reasons, although why anyone on Earth except a doctor would waste their time intercepting my health records I am puzzled to know Mind-boggling boring!

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