On the coronavirus


The Word from Wuhan Wang Xiuying:  a comment from China
“There are endless ‘rumours’ out there to be dispelled. One day we’re told that children are less likely to be infected, the next day that pregnant women and children are more susceptible. One day they say the virus can’t survive outside the body, the next that it can live on hard surfaces for up to five days.
“One day we learn that the virus is capable of aerosol transmission via coughing or sneezing, the next day we’re told that’s not something to worry about. According to one piece of advice – perhaps issued on the basis that people can’t live on bad news alone – the chances of infection may be reduced by the moderate consumption of alcohol.”
Authoritarian regimes try to justify themselves, in part, by claiming that, without the drawback of multiple points of view and messy democracy, they can spring into action in the event of a crisis and deal with it quickly and efficiently. One man’s “superior” judgment trumps that of multiple “experts”, they claim.
We are now seeing how laughable that is.  What we need are prepared and funded experts with viable plans.  Prayer?  Not so much.
I for one a would feel happier, and my peace of mind would remain undisturbed , if I knew that professionals were on the job.

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