Money in politics

Just one dozen megadonors accounted for almost $1 of every $13 raised by candidates and political groups over the last decade, according to a new report by Issue One. While most Americans have a general sense that the ultra-wealthy have too much influence on our elections, the numbers in this study are shocking. For just 12 individuals, split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, to account for nearly 10% of all political spending in the last 12 years shows how out of control the concentration of wealth in our politics has become. (Shane Goldmacher, Patriotic Millionaires, 23 April 2021)

My comment: These huge donations are not given out of the kindness of heart of the donors – they expect something back, and usually get it. If I called this corruption I would be yelled at. But it is obscene. How wonderful it would be if elections were paid for by taxation (but based on what proportions?) so that politicians thought first about their country and all their constituents, instead of the bank balances of the few.

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