People with extreme views are less able to do complex mental tasks, researchers at Cambridge University have found.

The study, of 330 US-based participants, found those with extremist views tended to see the world in black and white terms and struggled with complex tasks. The findings could be used to spot those at risks of radicalisation, the team said. ( Cambridge University, 22 Feb 2021)

My comment:  Could this be caused by the confusing complexity of modern life?Is there a greater proportion of extremism in the population than there was, say, 500 years ago, when life was simple and agrarian?  Is the decline of religion a factor (note the fervor of the supporters of charismatic leaders). Is the steadily growing authoritarianism in so many countries (politics made simple – do as you are told) attractive because you don’t have to think for yourself that way.  Wow!  This needs a whole book!

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