Mea Culpa

I owe the readers an apology.  I have spent far too much time alluding to politics on this blog, something Epicurus would tut-tut about were he with us and had a computer.

I live between the US and the UK, both unhappy places, and have allowed myself  ( I like to think for patriotic  reasons) to dwell too much upon the divisive politics in both countries.  I realise millions are absorbed in them as well, but that is no excuse.  This is the Epicurus.Today blog, and Epicurus not only advised us not to involve ourselves directly in (party) politics, but, if we were to achieve calm and peace of mind, to ignore the subject.  Yes, that is a bit difficult to do!

Why do I raise this now.  Because I have been attending lessons in the Alexander Technique, famous among actors and musicians.  The teacher told me that, far from reaching a state of ataraxia, I was  getting more anxious and uptight, and that this did nothing for my health and was probably making me grumpy.  He is right!  Too much time exclaiming , “Oh. no! I don’t believe it!  ( Does this ring a bell, perhaps? )

So I have made a directional decision:  I will henceforward try to choose subjects which are not directly party political, and will concentrate on subjects which you ought to know about, but which are concerned with decency, consideration, human kindness (or unkindness), selfishness (or unselfishness), greed generosity etc.  In other words subjects concerning human behaviour, and what Epicurus might say about our collective faults and foibles.

I hope I won’t lose you!  Think of it this way, I am trying to illustrate Epicurean principle with real-life examples.  There is little Epicurean about current politics, which could be causing us to age, to be bad tempered  and jump up and down.  Best keep the latter for the gym!

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