Dating without drama

Apparently, an increasing number of men want joy, laughter and happiness in a girlfriend – and no drama.  They appear to be looking for a partner who never gets angry, afraid or sad, who never worries about her family, money or her job, never complains, and by extension, gives the impression she will be quite content to be messed around by thoughtless men.

This is, of course, ridiculous. These men must be very spoiled by their parents.  Presumably, everything in their lives has so far run faultlessly and smoothly.  Poor dears, they must not be bothered by real life.  It is understandable that one might avoid someone with a severe personality disorder, but “no drama” infers that the lads will only be happy with someone with no issues.   Good luck with that!

Is this a side-product of internet dating?  The internet promises an infinite number of possible matches, or at least appears to.  If one lass doesn’t work out there are hundreds more to try out.   Why choose a challenging young woman if a fun one is an easy option.  But what we think we want isn’t necessarily what’s best for us.  In the old days you might connect with a difficult partner and you had to make the best of it and learn to cope, to be patient and understanding.  The perfect partner has wings, a long dress, a golden trumpet and is depicted on church walls, a mythical angel.

We are breeding a lot of selfish people who, if things don’t go precisely their way, grab their teddy bears and go home alone, or at least opt out, stay home and watch a Netflix movie.  Dedicating your life to another human being with a few natural, human failings is a wonderful and fulfilling thing.  You are a better person for it, in sickness or in heath.

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