Leaves you dumbfounded!

A school-district official in Southlake, Texas was recorded advising staff to offer students “opposing views” and “other perspectives” on the Holocaust. Administrator, Gina Peddy, was responding to a new state law requiring schools to offer “diverse and contending perspectives” on “controversial issues”. A district spokeswomen said the law has left “all Texas teachers in a precarious position.”

My comment: There are NO valid “opposing views” or “other perspectives” possible. Not, anyway, to decent, civilized and humane people. I think I mentioned this before (excuse me!) but my father left me a leather-thonged whip that he took off a NAZI guard in a North German death camp. I only once saw my father puce with fury and disgust, but relating the story of the pile of naked bodies near the entrance made him sick with disgust.

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