Doing anything for money

A college dorm designed by Warren Buffet’s right hand man, Charlie Munger, is being compared to an 11 storey prison. Buffet has donated 200 million dollars to the University of California, Santa Barbara, provided they adopt Munger’s design, in which 94% of the rooms have no windows, the idea being to encourage students to spend more time outside in the common areas.
The rooms will have ”virtual windows” made with LED lights.The consulting architect Dennis McFadden promptly resigned when told about it, describing the concept as “unsupportable as an architect, a parent and a human being”.

My comments: Up and up go the college fees, and in this case the students are rewarded by being deprived of daylight, presumably relying as well on air conditioning. I would demand my money back.

Society is getting dumber and dumber. Epicurus might have advocated politely refusing donation from Warren Buffet. In England, the local planning authority would probably ban the proposed building. But there money talks, but not so loudly.

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