Hope for prostate cancer patients

Prostate cancer breakthrough

A total of 57,192 new prostate cancer cases were diagnosed in the UK in 2018, making it the most commonly diagnosed form of the disease.

A simple blood test could be used to identify prostate cancer patients who are less likely to respond to certain drugs, or at risk of relapse, paving the way for more tailored treatments.

A team at two hospitals in London tested 1,000 blood samples drawn from 216 men who were taking part in a clinical trial into drugs for advanced prostate cancer. They found that those with high levels of tumour DNA in their blood at the start of treatment had worse health outcomes; and that the men who responded to treatment had the most significant drop in tumour DNA over its course. Their levels typically reduced 23%, whereas the patients who partially responded to treatment had a 16% drop. As liquid biopsies are cheaper, quicker and less invasive than surgical ones, doctors can carry them out more often – making it easier for them to track the effectiveness of treatments.  ( The Week, 13 June 2020)

My comment: I have a personal reason for including this piece of information –  I had prostate cancer and also had the operation, not a pleasant experience.  If you are male and over , say 40, you should get yourself tested, every year as directed.  Not to do so could kill you.  Message received?

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