Government aid to fossil fuel projects

Governments gave 20% more in overseas aid funding to fossil fuel projects over the last two years than to programmes to cut the air pollution they cause, according to an analysis from the Clean Air Fund.

Air pollution kills more people than HIV/Aids, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, but just 1% of global development aid is used to tackle this crisis, the researchers found. (Clean Air Fund)

Mycomment: Maybe the only thing that will correct this situation is if politicians refuse election donations from large polluters. Politicians (some of them anyway) talk a good game about pollution and global warning, but members of both major parties still court oil companies for money. Apparently this counts as “democracy”. Epicurus, if alive, would disagree. Mayb we can only save the planet if politicians were offered a sum of money from federal coffers and told that if they accepted a further cent from corporations they would be barred from all elections going forward. No, it’s not going to happen! But doomsday will happen and it won’t be pretty. We are collectively stupid creatures.

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