Epicureanism simply put

Epicureanism was never meant to be a dry academic philosophy. In fact, it is best kept away from academia, where, as usual with philosophy, long words render it dull, if not incomprehensible. Rather, it is a vital way of living which seeks to free men and women from a life of unhappiness, fear and anxiety. It is a missionary philosophy for the practical-minded with common sense.
While Epicureans have written scholarly works, they have always been most interested in explaining Epicureanism in a manner simple enough for anyone to understand and remember.

The following eight counsels are a basic guide to Epicurean living:

– Don’t fear God.
– Don’t worry about death.
– Don’t fear pain.
– Live simply.
– Pursue pleasure wisely.
– Make friends and be a good friend.
– Be honest in your business and private life.
– Avoid fame and political ambition.

I would add some others:

– Be polite and considerate;  
– Try to see the other point of view; meet others half way.
– Take the smooth and pleasant road, as free from stress and conflict as possible.
– But don’t be put upon!

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