Critical.Race Theory

The American Right has discovered a new bogeyman,“Critical Race Theory” (CRT).
A set of concepts first developed by legal scholars in the 1970s, CRT essentially holds that US racism is systemic, that key institutions are rooted in white supremacy, and that racial dynamics are the outcome of complex social systems.

It’s a toxic theory, say conservatives, that is now being deployed to poison the minds of schoolchildren. Florida recently joined five other Republican-led states in voting to ban the teaching of CRT. “There’s only one small problem,” said Max Boot in the Washington Post – CRT isn’t taught in Florida schools, or anywhere else in the US, outside of a few graduate-level law schools. This whole story is a cynical distraction. (Nicole Hemmer, CNN)

My comment: If it were not CRT they would find something else. The whole point is to sow discord and paint the “other side” as “anti-American. Wish they would just get a life. Epicurus would probably have told his students to treat everyone as equals and ignore the trouble-makers.

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