Be careful who you believe!

Oklahoma is trying to return its $2 million purchase of hydroxychloroquine and get a refund from the manufacturer. Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt ordered the purchase of the malaria drug in April, when President Trump was promoting it as a “miracle” treatment for Covid-19. Studies, however, have found the drug inappropriate (actually useless, to be honest, except for treatment of malaria, as advertised).  Stitt’s spokeswoman said he made the purchase “with the health and lives of Oklahomans in mind.”  (The Week USA)

My comment:  one should be able to believe a US President when he recommends a health product.   After all, he has, at the snap of his fingers, a huge phalanx of medical experts to advise him.  I feel sorry for Gov. Stitt.  Some people in the United States ignore or disdain both science and the experts and broadcast the first thing that comes into their heads.  Which is a shame.  Never mind – it just means fewer funds for schools, law and order ……  and so on.  Big Money will still fork out hugely for Gov. Stitt’s next election.  So that’s o.k.

With apologies for the intended irony.

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